Top Questions

Friiway is an ebike subscription service and the easiest way to start riding an ebike.

Its kinda like a lease, except its month to month and includes the following:

  • Accessories
  • Maintenance
  • Protection against theft & damage
  • The option to apply 15% of subscription payments towards a new bike.

Absolutely! To test ride, visit The New Wheel in San Francisco, Marin or Oakland or schedule a test ride here.

Yes! Please see our Important Subscription Details for requirements.

Yes. We collect a $500 fully refundable security deposit prior to turning over a bike.

Your security deposit will be returned to you at the end of your subscription minus any costs for lost items or repairs for damage as specified at

  • A minimum term of two months is required.
  • Bike Purchase Waiver The Minimum Term & 21 Day Cancelation Period will be waived should you decide to purchase a bike at a Friiway retailer.

To cancel, send us an email at

Please note, we require a 21 day cancelation notice. If your next billing cycle falls within 21 days of your notice, your subscription will automatically renew on the scheduled date and we will refund you a pro-rated amount based on the days accrued between your billing date and bike return date. 


Yes! All users and passengers need to wear a helmet while riding. Friiway does not provide helmets. If you do not have a helmet, we recommend purchasing one at your Friiway retailer.

Yes. Please reach out to to discuss your needs and how we can help. 

Using a friiway bike for deliveries (e.g. Uber Eats) is not permitted.

Theft & Damage

If your bicycle is damaged or stolen, you should contact as soon as possible. 

Each bicycle is covered by a theft & damage insurance policy that carries a $500 deductible.

In the case of theft, the subscriber is responsible for the $500 deductible. The subscriber is also responsible for filing a written police report and submitting it to Friiway. 

In the case of damage, a maximum of $500 will be charged to the subscriber for the cost of repair. 

If your bike is damaged, we'll want to get you a bike that is safe to ride as soon as possible.

The insurance included with your subscription only covers theft and damage of the bike

The insurance included with a subscription does not cover personal injury or injuries to third parties.

Maintenance & Repair

As part of your subscription, we ask that you bring in your bike at scheduled service intervals at Friiway's expense.

We want to make sure that your subscription bike is in a roadworthy condition so that you are safe on the road. When notified, please make an appointment for an inspection with your retailer.

For brand new bikes, the first inspection will be carried out by your Friiway retailer between 200 miles & 500 miles.

Your subscription covers general maintenance along with parts and repairs for normal wear and tear. Just schedule a service at your friiway retailer.

Damage that results from improper use is not covered - see below for details.

Your subscription covers the cost of flat repair and parts at your Friiway retailer. We recommend calling ahead to let your retailer know you are coming.

If you need help transporting your bike to the shop you can email us at or organize pick up via a service such as Uber, Lyft or Lugg.

On the rare occasion your battery dies while out on the road, just keep pedaling. The beauty of an e-bike is that it turns into a bike when it is not powered on. 

Normal wear and tear is fully covered as part of your subscription.

In the event of heavy wear and tear as a result of improper use, however, we reserve the right to charge for the repair costs. Billing takes place via the stored payment method. We ask that you report damage to your friiway retailer as soon as possible to avoid extra charges.

Bikes & Accessories

Yes. All bikes come with locks

The cost for replacement keys is $25 per key. The cost for a replacement lock will depend on the lock but will not exceed $150.

All of our e-bikes have a removable battery and charger. You can plug the charger into any standard power outlet. You can also charge while the battery is connected to the bike. 

A full charge from 0% is about 3-4 hours.

The subscription bike is not guaranteed to be new. All bikes are certified by expert mechanics before they are returned to the fleet. 

All child seats must be provided or approved by friiway before use.

Trailers are not permitted.

The cost for replacement will depend on the component or accessory.

Not at this time. But you can apply 15% of your subscription to the purchase of a new bike at your Friiway retailer.