How It Works

Take home a high quality ebike without the upfront cost or long term commitment.

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Start riding in three easy steps

Step One

Choose Your Bike & Accessories

If you have questions or need help deciding, schedule a consultation with our team, or stop by a Friiway retailer for a test ride.

Step Two

Pick Up Your Bike

On new bike day, you'll pick up your new bike at a Friiway retailer where you'll get a full orientation and make sure you have what you need to enjoy the ride.

Step Three

Enjoy The Ride

Every subscription comes standard with a high quality ebike, protection against theft & damage, and the option to apply a portion of the cost towards a new ebike at your retailer. That's the Friiway.

Need help choosing a bike or accessories? Schedule a call with a member of our team. We are here to help you find the right bike.

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