Important Subscription Details


Age Requirements

You must be at least 18 years of age to subscribe.


A helmet must be worn by the rider and all passengers at all times while riding. 

Storing Your Bike Overnight

All bikes must be in an enclosed, covered, and locked area. For example, inside a garage or your home.

Bikes also need to be secured to something immovable while stored overnight. For example, a floor or wall anchor.

Securing your bike

When not attended, bikes must be locked and secured to something immovable (e.g a bike rack anchored to the ground). 

Courier or Delivery Services

Using a Friiway bike for courier or delivery services is not permitted. 


Your first subscription payment will be collected when you initiate recurring payments prior to, or on the day you pick up your bike. 

Subsequent payments will be automatically collected on the same day of each month for the duration of the subscription.


We ask that you bring your bike in for inspection after the first 200 miles.

After the initial inspection, we like to service our bikes every 1,200 miles.

All maintenance costs for normal wear & tear are included with your subscription.


If your bike breaks down, it is your responsibility to bring the bike to a Friiway retailer for inspection & repair, and to pick it up when repairs have been completed.

Depending on the complexity & time required for the repair, Friiway may elect to issue a replacement bike of the same make and model.

Repairs that are no fault of your own are included with your subscription.


In the case of theft, you are responsible for contacting Friiway as soon as possible and filing a written police report. Our loss fee for an unrecovered stolen bike is $500. 


If you damage the bike you will be charged for the cost of parts & labor. Provided the conditions of the rental agreement were adhered to, the maximum you are responsible for is $500. 

Cancelation Policy

  • 21 Day Notice
    • Once your minimum term is met we require a 21 day cancelation notice. If your next billing cycle falls within 21 days of your notice, your subscription will automatically renew on the schedule date and we will refund you a pro-rated amount based on the days accrued between your billing date and bike return date. 
  • Bike Purchase
    • If your cancellation is the result of a new bike purchase or bike lease at a Friiway retailer, we will waive the 21 day policy & any early termination fees.
  • Plan Specific Policies
    • Monthly Plan
      • A minimum term of two months is required. Single month subscriptions are not permitted.
    • All other plans
      • A cancelation prior to your minimum term will result in a $250 cancellation fee.