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Start Riding. No Commitment.

The Best Ebikes

Ride the best ebikes from Europe's top manufacturers.

Peace of Mind

Subscriptions come with maintenance, insurance for theft & damage.

Try, Then Buy

Love your bike? We offer paths to ownership at a low monthly rate.

Let's Ride


Stromer ST2 Pinion

Your ride to work, the park, or mars.

Starting at $229/Month



Riese & Müller Multitinker

The compact cargo bike for everyday life.

Starting at $259/Month


How It Works

1) Pick Your Bike

Browse our bikes, stop by a campus bike hub or visit a Friiway retailer for a test ride, or book a consultation with our team.

2) Pick Your Plan

Monthly, Half-Year or Annual. You can always start month to month and extend later on.

3) New Bike Day

On new bike day, you'll pick up your bike on campus where you'll get a full orientation and make sure you have what you need to enjoy the ride.


  1. Confirm your program eligibility with the LinkedIn Transportation Team admins prior to signing up with us. 
  2. Choose a bike above (schedule a consultation if you have any questions) 
  3. Reserve your bike for $19 and check out using your email address
  4. We’ll reach out to confirm a few details about bike storage, best practices, accessories, etc.

Friiway bikes will be available starting in April, 2024.

Friiway bikes will be picked up on campus on pre-scheduled dates.

Your pick up date will be scheduled after your order is placed. 

Not at the moment. Home delivery may be available at a later date.

Absolutely. Friiway will host regular test ride days at LinkedIn.

You can also visit a Friiway retailer.

Friiway offers three plans billed monthly. You can always start month-to-month and move to a longer term plan for deeper discounts.

  • Month-to-Month - The most flexible option
  • Half Year - Discounted with a 6 month commitment
  • Annual - Our highest value, with a 12 month commitment

All plans automatically continue month to month at the same rate.

Every Friiway subscription includes:

  • Ebike & charger
  • Lock 
  • Optional accessories (depending on bike model)
  • Repair & maintenance for normal wear & tear
  • Insurance for theft & damage

Your Friiway bike will be new or refurbished.

All bikes are certified by expert mechanics before they are made available for subscription.

Maintenance & repair is included in your subscription. For example, tune ups, changing brake pads, & fixing flat tires. 

If your bike needs maintenance or repair you can bring it into a bike hub on campus or take it to a local bike shop. 

We will reimburse you for repair at local bike shops upon presentation of a valid receipt.

If your bike is damaged you should contact as soon as possible. 

In the case of damage, a maximum of $500 will be charged to the subscriber for the cost of repair. 

If your bike is damaged, we'll want to get you a bike that is safe to ride as soon as possible.

If your bike is stolen, you should contact as soon as possible, file a written police report and submit it to Friiway. 

Each bicycle is covered by a theft & damage insurance policy that carries a $500 deductible.

In the case of theft, the subscriber is responsible for the $500 deductible.

Our Subscription & Waiver Agreement can be found here.

Please read our Subscription & Waiver Agreement. Here are few important details, we’d like to highlight: 

  • Age Requirements You must be at least 18 years of age to subscribe.
  • Helmets A helmet must be worn by the rider and all passengers at all times while riding. 
  • Storing Your Bike Overnight All bikes must be in an enclosed, covered, and locked area. For example, inside a garage or your home. Bikes also need to be secured to something immovable while stored overnight. For example, a floor or wall anchor.
  • Securing your bike When not attended, bikes must be locked and secured to something immovable (e.g a bike rack anchored to the ground). 
  • No Courier or Delivery Services Using a Friiway bike for courier or delivery services is not permitted.

The full list of important details can be found here.

You are free to switch bikes at any point during your subscription. We will take care of any billing changes required. 

To cancel, send an email to

See below for cancellation policies by plan:

Monthly Plan

21 Day Notice:

After your first month we require a 21 day notice. If your next billing cycle falls within the 21 days, your subscription will automatically renew and we will refund you a pro-rated amount based on the days accrued between your billing date and when the bike is due back.

Half Year Plans

Cancelations prior to the completion of your term will result in a one month early termination fee.

Once your term is complete, plans continue month to month and the 21 Days Notice Policy will go in effect

Annual Plans 

Cancelations prior to the completion of your term will result in a two month early termination fee.

Once your term is complete, plans continue month to month and the 21 Day Notice Policy will go in effect